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Tino Jochimsen

Oh those cheeky teasers for trailers!

While it's true that the movie adaptation of the mommy porn 'classic' (as it's not exactly an old genre, I feel we should be generous with the term) Fifty Shades of Grey basically begs to be teased, I wish I could present you a proper, meaty (sleazy pun, sorry!) trailer.

Instead we get this sigh-y little snippet which found its way onto the internet via Beoncés instagram account.

What gives, you may ask?

Well, a slowed-down version of the songstress' Crazy in Love can be heard in the teaser. Will it also make sweet love to your ear in the actual Fifty Shades of Grey movie?

Valentine's Day 2015 will tell.

Before that fateful date however, the actual trailer awaits us coming Thursday, hopefully featuring a little bit more than Dakota Johnson's knees.


How did the teaser trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey make you feel?


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