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Lisa Carol Fremont✂

"Queer baiting" is when a television show or movie hints at a possible same sex relationship. Supernatural has been hinting at a relationship between Dean and Castiel for quite some time now and the Destiel shippers have lost their patience with the lack of follow through on this.

Recently, the Supernatural producers found themselves in a bit of hot water after an attempt at creating buzz ended up creating backlash. Promoting the hashtag was supposed to help create excitement over the upcoming San Diego Comic Con, but it ended up turning into a platform for fans to criticize the show for continually teasing the Dean/Castiel relationship.

Because this sexual tension has been developing for a few seasons and some of the actors have even hinted at this relationship both in interviews and via social media, some fans are demanding that the show finally make good on this subtext. Some have gone so far as to stop watching the show until Destiel becomes a reality.

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