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With this review I feel like I have to do it in a way similar to my review of [Arrow](series:720988) Arrow Season 2, doing Pros and Cons. Why? This movie was actually pretty disappointing.

Justice League War is WB Animation's attempt of putting New 52 [Justice League](movie:401267) in a movie...yeah so we know there's going to be some problems from the start.


The Animation

Gotta get this one out of the way, Warner Bros Animation is gorgeous to look at. The scenery looks great, the characters and movements look superb, and the colors are really nice and vivid. But here is the thing, just because something looks nice it doesn't mean it's good. I'm looking at you James Cameron.

Strong Start

Yeah I won't deny, the first thirty minutes of this movie was actually pretty cool. Not the greatest but still, it had a great set up, some cool first action to get us hooked in, and some funny banter.

Cyborg and [Shazam](movie:738107)

I think this movie was made only for these two because they are the only heroes to have an arcing story. Mainly Cyborg though.

Not only did I find Victor Stone AKA Cyborg a cool character but he was likable, had a great design, and the voice acting was really good. He was played by Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore and let's just say I hope he continues to be Cyborg in more animated DC films.

Shazam, while not the best character in the film, was likable and decent enough. Sean Astin plays the adult version of himself and...he voices it for like five lines so I can't really say much about him. Still I did like his arc of being a fan of Victor Stone and so he kind of helps Cyborg realize who he is. Personally I prefer when Shazam is a huge fan of Superman as shown in the BRILLIANT short DC film called Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam. If you do not know the character of Shazam and you don't want to read the comics, then watch that short film. But I guess it makes sense since there's no way anyone could look up to Superman in this movie but we'll get to that later.

The Action

This is where the movie shined because when the entire League is finally together and working with one another to fight, it is pretty awesome to see. However I did feel that the action went on for WAAAAY too long and that's saying something since I thought the amount of action in Man of Steel was great. But for a majority of the action it was pretty fun.


Unlike a certain terrible animated film from DC *cough* Dark Knight Returns *cough* Sorry had something in my throat...the pacing of Justice League War was nice, showing each League member for five-ten minutes at a time and getting to know well as we could.

Batman and Green Lantern's Banter

Can't deny...this part of the movie was pretty funny and enjoyable. Normally I prefer the duo of Flash and Green Lantern while Batman duos with Superman but still their banter while not perfect did make some of the only good things to come out of Batman and Green Lantern. Again get to that later.

Can't really think of anymore pros so let's move onto...


Some Pretty Awful Dialogue

Don't believe me? Read these lines:

GL: "Here's the plan, Green Lantern kicks Superman's ass. TMZ gets the video."

Oh my god, you did not just make a TMZ reference...

Shazam: "All right Darkseid or whatever your World of Warcraft username is!"

*Facepalm* Wow way to date yourself there movie. In twenty years this will be a movie for hipsters. Why don't you just put in a Jersey Shore reference while you're at it!

GL: "Here's the plan, Green Lantern kicks Superman's ass."

Batman: "We can't fight him, he's pissed."

Cyborg: "Yes!" *Something goes wrong* "Shit..."

Batman: "Shut off the damn light before they spot us."

Yeah, we gotta get that damn PG-13 rating somehow! Seriously there is so much forced cursing in this movie. I have no problem with cursing in animated movies, after all they cursed a bit in Justice League A New Frontier but here NONE of the cursing felt natural.

Darkseid Was the Villain

Look I love Darkseid but I will always say this, having Darkseid be the first Justice League villain is a TERRIBLE idea. You might as well not make any sequels to this because there are no bigger villains to amp up the threat. Might as well make the first X-Men movie with Apocalypse then go to Magneto. Oh and Darkseid had no

The Justice League are AWFUL Characters!

This is one I can't really blame on the movie but the material they tried to adapt to a T and that is New 52 Justice League. Let's go in order here:

Superman and Wonder Woman

I decided to get these two our of the way first because they are equally terrible.

Superman (My All Time Favorite Superhero)

is supposed to be a humble, kind hearted, compassionate man who wouldn't even hurt a fly unless he had no choice. Here? He's a cocky, impulsive, idiot who picks a fight with Batman and Green Lantern for no logical reason. Before watching it I though "Hey! Alan Tudyk as Superman! This should be awesome!" Oh boy was I wrong! favorite hero is being written this way for a whole new generation. THANKS FOR NOTHING DC! Although there is a pretty awesome moment where Green Lantern wraps Superman in chains and Superman breaks out of them...okay...freaking awesome homage to that classic moment.

Wonder Woman (My Favorite Heroine Along With Barbara Gordon Batgirl)

starts off kind, quirky, motherly, and funny...just like the character she's supposed to be right? Well then she turns into her New 52 self, an idiotic warrior who doesn't care about politics and only wants to slice up things.......GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU DC!? Don't you understand your own freaking characters!? No? Then get new writers! I will mention two good moments here with a scene where she punches Shazam to the ground and tells him to stop acting like a child (actually seeming like the real Wonder Woman) and the other is from the picture above with the little girl and the ice cream. I don't know how to describe that scene other than adorable. Then they had the gull to introduce a romantic relationship with Superman and Wonderwoman where Wonder Woman cheats on Steve Trevor and Lois Lane is apparently non existent.....


Either characters are complete idiots like the first two or they have zero character like Batman here. Batman does NOTHING in this movie. Okay I of all people am really tired of Batman showing up the League but you could have do more than two things or...give him a persona that isn't cardboard. Also the voice acting on him was...weird. You know that voice you make where you plug your nose and talk? Well take that and give a gruff to it, then you get Batman's voice in this movie.

Green Lantern

Not only was this guy unlikable, cocky, and idiotic...he had one of the most annoying voices. I mean he rivals with modern SpongeBob and Jar-Jar Binks. Also huge wasted opportunity was an arc they set up with Hal trying to learn concentration but it never goes anywhere. Why not have a scene in the main battle where he learns concentration and says the oath to do something awesome. Instead it's just...he's got concentration now...right out of nowhere! Since we're talking about Green Lantern and Batman I think I might as well address this really jarring scene in the movie.

Green Lantern is acting cocky and wants to fight Darkseid but Batman stops him, takes off his cowl, then tells his backstory...again completely out of no where. This is the guy that took years to trust his identity and backstory to the League but here he's just like, "Hi I'm here to give forced exposition to the two people on this planet who don't know my story since it's been shoved down everybody's throat since the eighties."

The Flash

Barely existing character like Batman. That's literally all I have to say about him.

The only good characters were Cyborg and Shazam. Oh and a quick con: everybody's suit is horrible.


Overall this movie started off good but slowly descended into a disappointing mediocre flick. I'm probably never going to see it again. If you like New 52, give it a watch but if you're like me and you hate New 52, only see it once and enjoy Cyborg and Shazam. I give this movie a high bronze which is my equivalent to a 5/10.

What do you think of this Animated film from DC? Good? Bad? Let me known in the comments below!


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