ByJohn Mountain, writer at
John Mountain

Directed and Written by Thomas Newman

Have I ever mentioned that I used to smoke pot? It's been over twenty years since I last inhaled and even then I never considered myself a pothead or a 'stoner'. I smoked it when I felt like it, end of story.

Edwin and Tommy, the two potheads that are the main subject of Thomas Newman's Reefer Madness meets the zombie genre mash-up, Bong of the Dead, are far past the 'social toker' stage of marijuana usage. Months after a string of meteors strike earth and the zombies have risen and targeted humans as their next meal at the Golden Corral, Edwin uses the green 'goo' from the brain of a captured zombie as a fertilizer to grow a batch of killer weed for himself and Tommy. There's only one problem: that's all the goo they have and the area they live in has been declared zombie-free (okay, two problems).

So what do they do? They take a road trip to a zombie-infested zone to acquire more green goo is what they do. Along the way they encounter Alex, the intelligent yet beleaguered zombie and would-be leader of his own undead army; and Leah, the 'smoking hot' (Tommy's words, although I agree) young woman who warms up to the duo after initial hesitation. Do the two who are now three make it to the Danger Zone and celebrate 420; or have they smoked their last doobie, brother?

Bong of the Dead is not a good movie. It's not a 'so bad that it's good' movie. It's a bad movie, period. However, the film does have a certain charm. Newman has done his zombie homework as he pays homage to the genre through various scenes that serve to remind us of better films such as Day of the Dead and Dead Alive. Also, I must admit to liking the look, and perhaps the acting, of Simone Bailly as Leah. She's certainly better than the two goofs in the lead, Mark Wynn and Jy Harris. My question is was she ever even considered for the role of Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? She's got the look, in my humble opinion. Despite all this the only way I think anyone could even begin to enjoy Bong of the Dead is if they were stoned out of their gourd, and maybe not even then.


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