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We are back with the weeks comic book reviews in one place. If you like seeing all of our reviews on one page please leave us a comment below. This week on Geeked Out Nation we covered a ton of reviews for you. We see the death of an Icon and several new series get prominent starts.

Life With Archie #36

Death in comics is a strange thing. Characters die often and it rarely ever sticks. Someone gets resurrected or they weren’t really dead at all. It’s made death mean very little in comics. Then comes something like Life With Archie #36 and death once again means something. The way it does, for example, with Uncle Ben or Gwen Stacy.

The Squidder #1

The story of a man that has lost everything and isolated himself from the world is one that has been done quite often in all forms of media. So when writer Ben Templesmith took to Kickstarter in 2013 with a story surrounding a similar premise, he was going to need to bring something new and original to the table for fans to gravitate towards.

Harbinger #25

Joshua Dysart has never failed to make his mark with Harbinger. A series that hits you with the realization that there are repercussions to the kind of behavior that comes with trying to be heroes and having powers you don’t fully comprehend. The Renegades have always been in over their heads, that much we have been assured of the minute they crossed Toyo Harada. What we get out of this is what happens when they are met with that realization and deal with the actions they took. In the end they have to ask “Was this worth it?”, and that is a powerful message.


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