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Michael Bay and Jonathan Liebesman's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot hasn't had an easy time convincing fans to embrace its existence - based partially on the fact that they've made some pretty big changes to the source material. Most notably, the Turtles' humanoid appearance and their created-in-a-lab origin story.

But now, a new controversy has come to light...

According to Screenrant, William Fichtner - who confirmed his role as Shredder last year - might not be playing the Ninjustsu master in this year's Turtles reboot, after all. The site was able the chance to watch two scenes from TMNT and now claim that William Fichtner is NOT the Turtles' arch-enemy and Japanese leader of the Foot Clan - and is instead playing a character named Eric Sachs, a businessman who works alongside Shredder.

I noticed in the trailer Eric Sachs talking to some guy in the shadows. I had a hope that guy was Oraku Saki, the real Shredder, and Sachs was just a bait and switch...

It would be one thing if the media had just taken a rumor and run with it, but Fichtner explicitly told the press that he was playing Shredder. Which raises a lot of questions. Got any of your own theories?

What do you guys think of this recent revelation? Would you want Fichtner to play Shredder? And if Liebesman re-imagined Shredder's origin to the degree that he was no longer Japanese, or a ninja, would you mind?


Shredder needs to be...


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