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Colm S. Herron

So, for all those times when Michael Bay, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence said [Bad Boys 3](movie:373066) might happen; it might.

To that I say:

Martin Lawrence, on his Facebook recently said:

11 years ago today, Bad Boys II was released in theaters. Feelin’ it’s about time for number 3… what do you think Will Smith?

11 years? I feel old.

If Lawrence's calling out to his co-star it could be for one of two reasons:

They've already talked about it and this is their way of announcing the movie to the social media.


Martin Lawrence has been chasing Will Smith for years to do it and is now trying to put pressure on him publicly to make the second sequel to Bad Boys. I have a feeling it's the former.

Smith recently returned to one of his old franchises with [Men in Black 3](movie:32295) so I don't see why he wouldn't return to Bad Boys.

Just leave this shit out:

Slow-mo topless Will Smith, is decidedly un-badass. It's like a cologne advert with guns.

So Bad Boys 3?

Here's hoping!


Bad Boys 3

Source: MartinLawrence's Facebook


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