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Fans arriving at the Arizona Diamondbacks July 20 game against the Chicago Cubs may well have been expecting a Star Wars themed tinge to proceedings - after all, the franchise had been pitching the game as 'Star Wars Day'.

What they got, though - as well as a 3 to 2 win - was something far, far greater than anyone could ever have imagined.

As in, the Umpire walked on flanked by Stormtroopers kind of great.

And yes, that is a small cohort of Stormtroopers. Standing for the National Anthem.

Because even Imperial troopers love freedom.

That's nothing, though. Get ready for sports/Star Wars geek fusion overload.

YES. many times yes.

Apparently, that's Fox Sports' Steve Berthiaume, left, and Bob Brenly. I don't believe it for a second, though. Chewie would never share the podium with a regular, non-Kessel-Run-record-breaking commentator.

The only problem? The fame may have gone to Chewbacca's head.

No, wait. That's just a stock image of Chewbacca making out with Kristen Bell.

On an unrelated note, I may be weeping with uncontrollable, nerdy joy right now.

And heck, I'm a Blue Jays fan...

[Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) is unlikely to include much Baseball, but if it does, it's good to know that the play-by-play'll be top notch...


What do you guys think? Should Chewie stick with the commentating career?

via The Washington Post


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