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Peter Jackson's The Hobbit Trilogy is choke full of heroic characters, but few of them actually carry over their heroic duties to the real world - that is, except for Aidan Turner.

The Irish actor, who plays Kili - AKA That One Hot Dwarf - in the upcoming [The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies](movie:512312), apparently tackled a mugger who assaulted a fan at the Odessa International Film Festival.

While hanging around outside the Hotel Bristol in the Ukrainian city, he stopped to talk with a young female fan when she suddenly had her handbag ripped from her by a passing cyclist.

Without hesitating, Turner jumped into action and chased down the cyclist, pulling him from his bike and snatching back the handbag. However, in the ensuing confusion, the mugger managed to get back on his bike and speed off.

Turner later stated:

Fortunately I am not really as short as people who saw the film think I am. They achieved that special effect with millions of dollars of cinema trickery.

He later explained he was unsure about the rules regarding a citizens arrest in Ukraine and simply returned the bag to the grateful fan afterwards. When he was later told he was a hero, Turner joked:

It's great to be a real hero for a change rather than just an on-screen one. I think the rescue though was more like something from Indiana Jones than the Hobbit.

The actor was at the festival in between location filming for a remake of the BBC costume drama Poldark, he was joined by other film and television acolytes such as Lord David Puttnam and director Stephen Frears, many of whom wanted to show support to the festival considering the current state of unrest in eastern Ukraine.


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Source: The Mirror


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