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I'm all for merchandise if it comes in the form of a tasteful t-shirt or an official poster, but some people always have to take things a step too far!

In China [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) enthusiasts have been getting their kicks from chugging down drinks designed to look like blood from blood bags. Tasteful, eh?

Thankfully, the Chinese authorities are putting an end to this gruesome fad , but it isn't just because it's a bit macabre... The English-only labeling and a lack of official permits for sale in China are also to blame.

But, of course, there are also undertones of moral panic about how this marketing will affect China's youth. The China Food and Drugs administration said that;

This kind of sales strategy, which sells no-name products that pander to peoples’ desire for things exciting and new, violates social integrity and moral principles and fails to conform to related national laws. It misleads customers and damages the health of youth
An example of the 'blood' drinks
An example of the 'blood' drinks

I don't know about you guys, but I think China might actually be right about this one. I don't think drinking fake raspberry flavor blood will cause moral degeneration or damage social integrity, but I do think there are other people to think about here.

Young children and the chronically squeamish do not need to have to see people slurping out of pretty realistic looking blood bags for a cheap kick. Can't you just enjoy the show, guys?!


Would you drink out of a blood bag?

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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