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The screeching mourning of 1000s of hardcore Miley Cyrus fans echoed around Twitter over the weekend, but they needn't have wasted their emotional energy...

Miley Cyrus is the latest victim of an online death hoax that spread like wildfire igniting panic and confusion amongst news outlets - some of whom actually announced the 21-year-old singers death.

The viral post reads;

(SHOCKING) Miley Cyrus Found Dead in Her Los Angeles Home! Country singer Miley Cyrus found overdosed this afternoon in her Los Angeles home

But, thankfully, it's all an absolutely bogus scheme to shamelessly rake in money for unscrupulous scammers.

When users click on the sensationalist post, they’re redirected to a website designed to look like Facebook that prompts them to share the page before going further, therefore perpetuating the rumor.

Eventually users are led to an unrelated survey website that is designed to generate the scammers money.

So, just to verify, MILEY CYRUS IS NOT DEAD!

The scammers might be morally reprehensible people, but they definitely chose a smart target to 'die' though. Since Miley finished her Bangerz tour, her bizarre Instagram feed has pointed to some fairy heavy drug and alcohol consumption...

I mean, you don't get a tattoo like THIS sober!


Did you see the Miley Cyrus death hoax on your own Facebook feed?

(Source: Hollywood Life)


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