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With the latest news from Kate Mara on Tuesday last week, all the fans of the classic foursome are very leery of the film now. With rumors spreading around that the blue suits won't be coming into this film and it won't be based on anything published in the Fantastic Four history in the Marvel universe. Along with that, the changing of the characters is risky. Making them younger almost like teenagers, and changing the race of the characters too. Some are unhappy that the Human Torch is now black instead of white like in the comics. I like the change in it, but I think it would make more sense if his sister was black as well. I'm not picky I just pray that they will at least follow that story line!

If they don't have the classic blue suits, will they change it up and go with the Future Foundation suits? I have to see one of those suits in the trailer or in leaked set pictures or I will not be seeing this film. I'm a nerd, and I expect everything to be very close to the comics. No major changes. Now this film as many rumors floating around that it will be filmed similar to Chronicle. this was not confirmed. With the release of Chronicle, it was very popular. I didn't see what was so great about it. We don't even know how the kids got their powers. I understand its a alien object or a ship they found under the ground. but we will never know. I was not a fan of how it was filmed, the camera angles were confusing. Now if the Fantastic Four movie is going to be filmed like that, I definitely won't be seeing this film. Again this is a rumor, nothing confirmed.

I would like to hear from other fans. Do you agree with me? Disagree? Comment below! Leave out insults. I will also attach a link to the article where I got my source for Kate Mara's quote.


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