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The bald minority at Moviepilot.
Tino Jochimsen

Welcome to Moviepilot's grande fan casting finale!

The subject of our voting shenanigans is The Joker. There was a different Joker fan casting on Moviepilot which chose Vincent Cassel as their favorite angel of chaos and destruction.

Well, he's not in the mix anymore. Instead our choices are...

In the right corner, an actor who excels in polite creepiness. He's young, he's eager and his role in The Purge was basically one long audition tape for the role. His name is Rys Wakefield.

In the left corner, a man who should need no introduction. A character actor with two Oscar nominations and a face stolen from Klaus Kinski, Willem Dafoe pretty much is the Joker, no make-up needed, thank you.

Who will it be?

Ladies and Gentlemen, cast your votes now!


Rys Wakefield vs. Willem Dafoe


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