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Tino Jochimsen

The title The Imitation Game might well allude to the fact that on paper the period drama in question is the very imitation of a movie on Oscar prowl.

It centers on Alan Turing who cracked the supposed-to-be-uncrackable German enigma code during WW II, was a closeted homosexual and probably suffered from Asperger's syndrome (a form of autism).

He is played by the incredibly talented and incredibly British Benedict Cumberbatch.

It doesn't get more Oscar bait-y than that!

Additionally the movie has cast for which the word classy was invented: Charles Dance, Mark Strong, Keira Knightey and Matthew Good all have meaty supporting roles.

Director Morten Tyldum comes fresh from the chilling Norwegian thriller Head Hunters, a fantastic movie which pointed towards a great, bright future for the filmmaker.

Here's hoping The Imitation Game is exactly that!


Will The Imitation Game crack the Oscar code?


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