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This past week has sent shock waves through the superhero community with big changes coming to not a lesser hero but major changes to some huge names. I'm honestly scratching my head because I hate when people take something that doesn't need changes and try to reinvent it. The following is completely my opinion as always.


I'm just surfing the web killing time scrolling down my news feed when I read female Thor. At first I thought is this just a new character to join Thor and be a butt kicking girl Asguardian, Oh wait we already have that in Lady Sif. I completely understand that whoever is worthy to hold the hammer will have its power but I feel like Sif is getting nothing here. I believe men and women can do whatever job they want but leave Thor alone. All this momentum with Avengers 2 coming out and then Thor 3 and people are already wanting to cast a female Thor. I have no problem if they want to have the comics version of this and I just don't have to read it but if they are looking to take this to the big screen I have a huge problem with that. Chris Hemsworth is knocking this role out and I'm not ready to kick him to the curb because of this new idea someone had. If they had decided to make Black Widow a guy I would also be up in arms because she's a solid character that doesn't need to be touched. It has nothing to do with the fact of gender. Also why does she have to have the same name? I get she is apparently worthy to hold the hammer but take his name too? Also if they ever have a conversation together will they call each other Thor?......"How was the battle Thor?" said Thor. "Well Thor we lost few and returned with the spoils of the deceased" replied Thor. I realize I'm taking this to the extreme but only to make a point.


This one really irks me because Captain America is my favorite hero so any changes I'm not comfortable with. I just came to accepting the winter soldier storyline they seem to be going with when Chris Evans is ready to hang it up which seems to be sooner than later. So next day I'm scrolling down the feed again to see Falcon in a Captain America suit and thought you've got to be kidding me. Falcon is a standalone character he doesn't need to pick up the shield. Plus I will never believe the physics that would go along with flying along throwing the shield and it just magically coming back to him. Falcon was a great part of Captain America 2, he has his own great skill set and character traits why not build on that? I want to make this very clear and say this has nothing to do with his race. I'm a fan of Falcon as Falcon. Anthony Mackie is a guy I was wanting to be a marvel hero for years. He's Falcon. I'm just old school when it comes to the big 3. I wish they would find ways to reinvent heroes who are not appreciated and make them relevant to the new age.

Are there any heroes you would like to see be updated?


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