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The Horror Honeys

Manga to film! Coming from Japan's Toho studios (Godzilla, hello) a two-part sci-fi-horror film based on the popular 1990s manga Parasyte is coming to theatres in November with The Grudge's Takashi Yamazaki directing.

All of the teasers and trailers available are so far un-subtitled (I searched, guys, I really did), but it doesn't matter because I was NOT ready for what was in this trailer!

“a teenager whose body is invaded by an alien parasite that takes over his hand instead of, like many of his fellow humans, his brain. He ends up battling for survival in a world teeming with seemingly normal but potentially deadly alien-controlled hosts.”

Sticking extremely close to the manga in terms of action and imagery, the buzz around the upcoming film is a little intense, and I'm getting excited about it.

What do YOU think of this news and trailer?


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