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Artist Esad Ribic, who previously worked on Thor: God of Thunder is the designer of the new concepts for the new female Thor, as well as the old Thor, who is now unworthy of wielding the powerful hammer, Mjolnir. Check out these sweet designs below!

While the Mjolnir's change of heart to a new wielder was met with huge controversy and skepticism, many feel it's not only revolutionary from a gender standpoint, but also necessary to keep the films alive. Personally I share this belief, and here's why.

You see, eventually, actors and actresses will either loose interest in continuing to play a character in the movies, or their contract will expire, or they'll simply get too old to play the part. However, with a combined universe, you can't exactly reboot one franchise without rebooting them all. We currently face that issue now, since Robert Downey Jr. is both getting to the point that he says he won't be physically able to do many more films, as well as his contracts expiring, as the only Marvel film he has to film now to complete his contract is Avengers 3.

The solution? Add successors in the comics' storylines so that when that time comes, someone else can step into the mantle and continue the franchise. Currently with Captain America 2, we have 2 successors to Steve Rogers fully capable of taking on the role should Chris Evans decide he no longer wishes to film the movies. By adding a female Thor successor, Marvel has just guaranteed itself a future in the Thor franchise should Chris Hemsworth step down.

Do you feel this is the best option like I do, or do you feel I'm absolutely crazy? I don't take offense easily, so sound off below on how YOU think Marvel Studios should combat the problem!


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