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Potential spoiler for The Simpsons Season 26 premiere!

Last year, fans of “The Simpsons” were presented with information that could potentially rock the show. Rumor had it that a beloved character would eventually meet their demise. While [The Simpsons](series:200695) have killed off characters before, this was definitely the first time we were forewarned of a characters mortality.

As you might expect, the internet went wild guessing who's days on the show were numbered. As a Simpson’s super fan, I too went crazy wondering who it could be, but with information just released today, I think I may have pinpointed the doomed character.

Earlier today it was release that the highly anticipated death would occur in the premier of season 26, in an episode entitled “Clown in the Dumps.”

This was the first bit of information we had received on the topic since last fall, when some information was provided by series executive producer Al Jean in an Entertainment weekly interview.

Just to refresh everyone, Jean gave us two hints as to who the doomed character may be. First, an Emmy award-winning actor voices the character, and second, the character has appeared in at least two episodes of the show.

Taking those pieces of information into consideration, and using clues from the season premier’s episode title, our not so lucky Springfielder could only be . . .

Rabbi Hyman Krustofski!

Also known as Krusty the Clowns father, Rabbi Hyman Krustofski fits all of the criteria perfectly. He has in fact appeared in more than two episodes of the show, and throughout the characters life has been voiced by two actors who have won Emmy's for their work on the show, Dan Castellaneta, and Jackie Mason.

He's also the only character that would fit the bill as far as the premiers title "Clown in the Dumps" is concerned. While I've seen a few other people guess that the ill-fated character could also be Sideshow Bob, or even Krusty the clown himself, I just can't see that happening. For starters, Krusty is one of the shows most popular characters, and killing him off would result in a negative response much like the one we saw when "Family Guy" killed off Brian (when everyone sort of believed he really was gone for good).

I also think it won't be Sideshow Bob for similar reasons. Sideshow Bob is more than just a sideshow character. His annual returns to terrorize Springfield are practically tradition, and I truly believe that the show wouldn't risk killing off such a monumental character.

Unfortunately for Rabbi Hyman Krustofski, there's really no one else I can imagine it being. If i'm correct, we'll say goodbye to Hyman for the last time this fall. Let's just hope his passing doesn't have to big an effect on Krusty.


What do you guys think? Am I guessing correctly?


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