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Here's the complete version of the article:

I'm planning on working as a filmmaker for Walt Disney pictures when I graduate from college, and I decided I would come up with an idea that I had in mind when I go work for Disney. The project would be called Robot Fox Archy: Super-Interesting Cosmonaut, and due to the Russian science fiction themes/Star Wars-type elements included in the project, I would call it "Russian Star Wars". Note that the Walt Disney Company officially owns the rights to the entire Star Wars franchise. Unlike Star Wars, however, this would take place in the same universe as we live in.

Here's the whole story behind why I came up with the project:

One time in 2013, I was walking at a Wal-Mart store in Riverside, California, where I once lived. When I was looking at what DVD's they had, there was a high-budget-looking CGI film made by a Russian animation studio. The film was called Wings, and it was similar to Walt Disney's 2013 classic/Cars spin-off Planes. The film had stars such as Josh Duhamel and Rob Schneider, and was released just before Planes was released (I also thought that this was made a year or so before Planes was released as well). A year after, I wanted to come up with a Disney cartoon about a singing and dancing robot similar to that of Michael Jackson (called Robot Spazzjackson), but I thought I got over it after a while. I was also looking up mockbusters, films made with a similar plot or theme to a more popular film that has the purpose of capitalizing on the exact films, and a science fiction/martial arts/adventure film from Turkey in 1982 known as Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam (translated: The Man who Saved the World) caught my eye. I noticed it because it was nicknamed "Turkish Star Wars" by many, due to its infamous use of bootlegged footage from the first Star Wars movie that was spliced into the film. I remember seeing the full movie on YouTube. The film had gained an immense cult following over the years. When I was looking up mockbusters again, I noticed that there was a South Korean science fiction film from 1982, whose title is roughly translated as Computer Nuclear Warship Bombing Operation. It was better known as "Korean TRON" by many, due to its heavy similarities to that of Disney's 1982 science fiction classic TRON. It was animated in the style of a Japanese anime cartoon. I was also looking up Robot Taekwon V, a 1976 South Korean cult science fiction/Super Robot anime film that was based off of the Japanese robot anime Mazinger Z. The robot in the film was both a robot controlled by a teenage boy and a robotic taekwon-do practitioner. Turkish Star Wars also features elements of martial arts, mostly focusing on old-school Japanese karate. Not long after, I went to the same Wal-Mart store, and there was a sequel to Wings in the DVD section. When I noticed it, it immediately got me thinking of the first movie from a year ago. When I was about to leave the store, I was immediately thinking of an idea that was influenced from all those movies, and it got me thinking "Russian Star Wars!" I also remembered about my future career for Disney, so I wanted to put this idea to practice. I even drew the concept art for Robot Fox Archy, as you see in the picture above. I would count artists like Jhonen Vasquez as a heavy influence for the character's design, since he worked on shows like Invader Zim, and he also worked as a character designer on a show on Disney XD called Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.

The plot goes like this:

In the early 22nd Century, Russia and the rest of planet Earth went to form the Galactic Cosmonautic Alliance, which was designed to protect the galaxy from enemies that are attacking it, including the evil Neptunian Space Federation, who were from the planet Neptune. Despite being from the same galaxy, Neptune wanted to attack Earth because its evil ruler, Lord Na'tchi, was jealous of the Earth's new frontier in space travel and galactic combat. A successful space battle was won by the GCA.
After the space battle, however, Dr. Alexander, the chief scientist and leader of the GCA's Russo-American division, was planning to retire. The good news, the doctor said, is that he had just built "a robot that would lead us," and that he would give it, "an artificial human brain with the mind of that of a 16-year-old boy, so that way he would be the coolest robot in the whole galaxy!". The robot was constructed to look like a humanoid fox, due to Dr. Alexander's love of foxes, and was given an artificial heart, brain, and other internal human organs. He even was given hair, as well! The robot was also given permanent battery life.
After his construction, the robot began to announce, "Hi, my name is Archy, and I will be the dude-in-chief of the Galactic Cosmonautic Alliance's Russo-American Division!" Dr. Alexander, and the rest of the audience had began to cheer and clap for him. Dr. Alexander called his creation his son, and he was proud of him, calling him "a complete success!".
At the RAD's chief spaceship, Archy was hosting a "get-to-know-the-Dude-in-Chief" party, which includes everything "from nachos to dance music to video games." At the party, Archy met a teenage android girl whose name was Linda. Linda and Archy began to fall in love for each other.
When another space battle was starting to go on, Archy was very excited, because it would be his first space battle, and that he was leading the RAD's squadron. Archy didn't need a starfighter, however, because he can fly by himself thanks to the jetpacks that were built into his boots. He helped defeat the enemy fighters by using "super-crazy taekwon-do" and "old-school Japanese karate." Archy participated in many other space battles until the enemy would give up (however, the enemy would give up "for a while").
Archy and Linda went on their first date at a diner in Greenland. While dating, Archy and Linda discussed what kind of music they liked, including some stories about the Earth's new frontier in space travel and combat.
Archy took Linda to a house in California that was given to him by Dr. Alexander, just so they can "chillax and watch some TV." Linda and Archy were watching some "classic old-timey movies featuring the best dudes in acting history" that were "lucky enough to survive in the hands of the big movie studios." When it was nighttime, Linda noticed that Archy was in a lotus position (about 2 feet above the ground) meditating. Linda was curious as if what he was doing, to which Archy responded "Meditating; most of the time, robots with artificial brains can see visions of what's happening in the past, present, future, and that on other worlds."
[I'm now going to make the plot a little shorter, just to save some time]
The last space battle for the GCA between Neptune was about to begin, and Archy was hired to go to the evil Lord Na'tchi's lair and defeat him. After a long fight using martial arts combat, Archy finally defeats Lord Na'tchi with a taekwon-do kick, eventually destroying him, as he was discovered to be a robot.
The GCA began a huge victory party for Archy in Florida, and as a reward, they gave Archy and Linda a nice beach house. They both lived happily ever after.

What do you think of this idea for a movie? If you think it's good, who do you think would do the voice of Archy himself?


What do you think of the idea for "Robot Fox Archy: Super-Interesting Cosmonaut"?


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