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After months of rumors and speculations we may finally know which DC character Johnson will be playing on the big screen. In an interview with total film Johnson gave the biggest clue on who from the DC Universe he would be playing. Previous comments suggests that he would not be playing Green Lantern, and in this new interview Johnson flat out confirms that John Stewart was a character that he wanted to play but since there had already been a different version of Green Lantern already they decided to go on a different direction. So who is he playing? Johnson teased that the character will have the power of Superman and can quote

"hero down".

Which does not really give us to go on but his final clue was the most telling saying quote

"Just say the word, that's all I'm going to say''


Comic book fans will immediately know that the most likely candidate is Shazam. Shazam has similar powers as Superman including superhuman strength, speed, stamina, flight, and invulnerability. A report suggested that Warner Bros would announcing their upcoming line up of DC films at Comic-Con, and one of the films on that list was Shazam which is reportedly eyeing a July 2016 release. Now Johnson stated that in the interview an official announcement would be made soon with Comic-Con arriving this week! Some are speculation that Johnson would instead be playing Black Adam who has the same powers as Shazam but we are thinking that Johnson is more interesting in portraying a superhero than a supervillain. Before we see Shazam we have Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on May 6 2016.

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