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Fox continues to tease us with three new trailers for the upcoming Batman prequel show: Gotham. This week, we see a lot more of Gordon, Bullock and Fish Mooney, which makes perfect sense, as the series will revolve around these three main characters.

Fox has been pretty smart with the TV spots so far; posters and initial shots covered the big names and the best-known characters in order to grab our attention, and only now that they have it are they shifting focus to the cops.

(Note: to view the spots, you have to click on the title/link. Thank you.)

First up, we have One Crime Will Unite Two Partners, which shows us some of the conflict that we will see between Gordon and Bullock. It's clear that this is a fairly stereotypical good cop/bad cop partnership, with Bullock having given in to the idea that "sometimes you have to do bad to do good" and Gordon still clinging to his ideals. I really hope that this doesn't come across as too cliche in the show, but even if it does, it seems that these two men will be on the same page by the end of the first season.

Next up, we have The Origin Stories Begin, which gives us a glimpse of Bruce Wayne on the night his parents were murdered, and then moves swiftly on to the other characters. It's increasingly clear from the minimal screen time that the young Bruce gets that he really will not be much of a player in the show at all. Frankly, I'm happy about that, as I would much rather see the other characters grow and develop.

This spot also confirms that Gordon is taking on the role of "avenging good guy", promising Bruce that he will find the killer. I'm guessing that the majority of the time we see Bruce will be when Gordon is visiting him.

Finally, there is One Detective Will Become A Legend, where we see a lot of Fish Mooney. I have a feeling that she will become a favorite of mine, and I'm really hoping for some sexual tension between her and Gordon as he struggles to remain uncorrupted.

There is definitely some crossover with scenes and concepts between all three spots, which is good, because it means that despite the volume of promo being put out by Fox, there is still plenty to be revealed.

I'm definitely excited about Fish Mooney, despite (or perhaps because of) her creation for the show. I'm also looking forward to some fantastic fight scenes and a bit of a Godfather vibe with all the mobster goodness, especially seeing the last frames of One Detective.

There is one thing still weighing on me though. In all these trailers and TV spots, where is Poison Ivy? We are seeing a lot of Selena Kyle (awesome) and glimpses of Penguin and Riddler, but absolutely nothing of Ivy Pepper. Does this mean that she will only have a brief appearance in the first season, or are they holding her back for a big reveal?

Personally, I think that the cop-show style will really suit Batman's origins, and I can't wait to see the first episode!


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