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Jonathan J Moya

The Expendables 3 cast has been doing rather well in the poster arena by showing the cast of mostly aging action stars (and a smattering of up and comers) in over the top vogue moments.

The first were black and white art poses so cheesy that the jocks of any present day high school year books would ask to have them removed.

Now, for the cast that knows no shame, comes the ultimate insult/compliment (depending on your point of view) to their posterity. Back in the 60's/70's it was the height of cool to have a poster of yourself made in the day-glow Andy Warhol style. So these new retro-posters shows all 16 Expendables at the high of their Pop-Art-Larity.

The Expendables 3 opens everywhere August 15th. Can you dig it.

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