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Before we get into the new release dates let us recap what we already know so far. Marvel's phase 2 will end on May 1st, 2015 with the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Ant Man will launch phase 3 on July 17th, 2015. Than Captain America 3 will be going head to head against Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on May 6, 2016. And that will be followed by two mystery movies previously announced for July 8th, 2016 and May 5th, 2017. Now likely candidates for those include Doctor Strange, Thor 3, Avengers 3.


With Comic-Con only a couple of days away Marvel has now planted their flag in 5 more dates. July 28th, 2017 and November 3rd 2017, July 6th, 2018, November 2nd, 2018, and May 3rd 2019. For those keeping track that amounts to two films every between now and 2019 except for 2017 in which we will be treated to 3 movies. So with several release dares up for grabs which films will we see take those spots.

Well in addition to a third Thor and an Avenger's movie and an introduction of Doctor Strange, there have been many speculations of a stand alone Hulk movie taking from the Planet Hulk comics story line. Now despite Marvel president Kevin Fiege and Avengers director Joss Whedon previously debunking the idea the rumor will just not go away. The latest fuel to the fire came from talk that the ending of Avengers 2 will see Hulk in a runaway space ship that will lead to a team up movie with the Guardians of the Galaxy, now Guardians director James Gunn was recently asked about the possibility of a Guardians/Hulk team up he called it completely bogus saying

"There is not going to be a Planet Hulk movie, there was never going to be a Planet Hulk movie, there was never a plan for the Hulk to team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy I would not like the Hulk to team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy!

So I think a Planet Hulk movie is can officially be crossed of the list, but a stand alone Hulk movie is still a possibility. Now other possibility include Ms. Marvel a long rumored character that could give Marvel it's female driven superhero movie to compete with DC's planned Wonder Woman movie. Of course that could also be filled with a stand alone Black Widow movie, though she has never carried a movie by herself the character is hugely popular and the actress that plays her is not doing too bad either perhaps Marvel is waiting to how Scarlet Johansson's Lucy does before committing to an entire movie. Another major contender is Black Panther a character that was teased in Iron Man 2, and with word that the Avengers will be traveling to Africa in Avengers 2, the introduction of the king of Wakanda is looking like a strong possibility .

  Black Panther
Black Panther

And we can not forget about the Guardians of the Galaxy with the film tracking to open to at least $60 million here in the U.S and to at least earn $500 million world wide so a sequel is pretty much assured, and will most likely to be given to one of the 7 release dates. In addition to which characters will fill these mystery release dates what we have to consider is how many of them will fall into phase 3 and which of them could fall into phase 4. Phase 4 currently includes Ant Man, Captain America 3, and most likely Doctor Strange. Phase 1 contained 6 movies with phase 2 containing 5 films and if Marvel continue to end each phase with an Avengers film May 5 2017 seems likely a candidate for Avengers 3. That could mean phase 3 would consist of 4 films and Thor 3 would have to fall into phase 4 meaning we will have to wait until around 2017 to finally find out what Loki did with Odin.

What Marvel movies do you think will fill these release dates?


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