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Here we are, a few days after Geoff Johns dropped the bomb that CW's Arrow and The Flash would be separate from the cinematic universe and people are still debating about it. So far I've read comments from various people around the web stating:

  • DC is missing an opportunity here. Agents of SHIELD only got better once it ran parallel with Winter Soldier
  • Nope. Bad bad bad. Arrow is a fantastic show with an established fan base. I dont want to see yet another green arrow. Give us the one we are already attatched to.
  • It's a huge mistake if you ask me. Arrow has been dominating the DC universe this whole time on any size screen and has done an excellent job doing so. I am positive the Flash will do the same. Both of these shows would be amazing as additions to the movie universe and Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin I think are excellent iterations of the characters they play. Dumb move DC really dumb move.

Some people have even resorted to ridiculing the people at Warner Bros., claiming them to be idiots for the simple fact that they have a different vision than they do.

I'm one of the guys here that is ecstatic that they're NOT combining universes. It just seems like a horrid idea to me personally. Sure Stephen Amell is a decent actor and great guy, but Grant Gustin as a cinematic Flash isn't my cup of tea. And I can guarantee you if he was cast in the movie (if the CW series didn't exist) people would be LIVID, proclaiming that he's too young, or not buff enough!

People have been complaining constantly, saying it's a wasted opportunity, but how are people deducing this when we know absolutely NOTHING about how they're going to introduce these characters in the cinematic universe? (and that's IF Green Arrow even shows up in JL, which is very unlikely) Do you honestly believe that introducing them by way of CW is the only way to do it, and any other idea that the creative team behind this universe has possibly conceived of is stupid?

Not listening .... NOT LISTENING!
Not listening .... NOT LISTENING!

Now to the people who argue that Arrow's fan-base is large enough to warrant this. Think of it this way. Arrow is a very successful show for CW, getting 2-3 million viewers on average. Fan-boys say that this is the perfect way of incorporating other heroes into the DCCU because people have already watched the show. But people also forget one teensy-tiny little aspect ... THIS IS A BILLION DOLLAR MOVIE! Almost 100 million tickets will be sold for this film worldwide!

Even if they combined universes, THEY WOULD STILL have to provide a moderately extensive back story (or rewind, for viewers of the show) to explain why they're here in the first place. Did people honestly expect WB to appease the 2-3 million fans of a small-budget TV show (with only a little more than half of them actually thinking that combining the universes is a good idea) by putting it in a 200 million dollar movie?

Think about that for a second, only 2-3 million people watch Arrow and assuredly a similar viewership will apply for The Flash. Compare 3 million people, and some of which aren't even going to see the movie - to 100 MILLION PEOPLE.

Warner Bros. isn't "wasting an opportunity", they're dodging a bullet.

benttibisson of Devianart
benttibisson of Devianart


Are the creative team behind the DCCU still stupid?


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