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Out of all the comic-book-based TV shows that are starting (or re-starting) this fall, Arrow is definitely the one that I am most excited about. I think it is beautifully done, Stephen Amell is incredible in the role, and each episode leaves me wanting the next one right NOW.

Although we still have a couple of months to go until the new season starts (October 5th), there is a steady trickle of news coming from the producers to satisfy my need for more Oliver Queen-related goodness.

First off, we have some more news about Brandon Routh as Atom. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim talked to GreenArrow TV about his role, and the connection between Ray Palmer and Jean Loring. Although the two are married in the books, we won't be seeing that relationship in the show. It's already been hinted that Palmer will be a love interest for Felicity, and that's something that I would love to see.

I’ll tell you this: Jean Loring has already been on the show, and if he was involved with that Jean, there would be a bit of an age difference. We will be acknowledging the Jean Loring that appeared in the beginning of Season 2 as Moira’s attorney, in the context of Ray Palmer, just not as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Micheal Rowe also tweeted this picture of himself at the production offices with the telling caption "Deadshot still owes you one". Recurring roles are a great way to really develop characters; we see how the major players change in their reactions to and treatment of a returning character. It's going to be wonderful to see Deadshot return for a fourth story arc.

Finally, Marc Guggenheim also spoke out on the possibility of crossovers with the rest of the DC TV-verse, and it looks like it's not going to happen.

When we do our Easter eggs, they’re never in conjunction with other DC Easter eggs...only Arrow and Flash are connected.

It has already been confirmed that the TV shows will not be connected to the movie-verse, and it's not too surprising that Arrow and Flash will not be connected to Gotham as the timelines just don't mesh.

I would still love to see an interconnected TV-verse with more of the members of the Justice League, but for that to happen, I think that we would need to see each show do well individually. If this is the DC masterplan, Flash will have to succeed before another character is launched, and from what I have seen, it's going to be fantastic!


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