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A batman story that could easily make its own 75 years of the Batman Mythos.

It all started as an inside joke, a taunt to never tell the rest of the rogues, they said “hush” to each other, and his name was carried across his actions, and interactions across Batman’s universe.

Don’t tell anyone!

Before we go ahead, there should be a disclaimer somewhere.

1 – Please stop reading if you haven not read this story arc.

2 – If you have not read this story arc, perhaps you are here by accident, any self-respecting fan has read this story arc.

Having said the following… let us dive in!

When you begin a story with so much rich mythology as Batman has there is always that fear of walking into a new direction, there are always interpretations that were done previously, things that you may want to avoid in order to make a story relevant, while maintaining a thread to the past, primarily focusing on the essence of the characters, when all this occurs, if you’re plenty talented, and plenty lucky, you get to change the status quo.

This is followed perfectly by HUSH, in which we follow a new mystery for the caped crusader.


I am a big fan of the all-enveloping story arcs, probably more than marvel’s “big events” and when it comes to DC Comics, batman really stands on his own, from such stories as the killing joke, the long Halloween to name a few, he was redefined and streamlined.

Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee really polished a masterpiece in this.

We start of in a classic batman scene, drawn beautifully by the master himself, Jim Lee.

There is something in a Jim Lee splash page that just draws you in, you could just watch it and be mesmerized by it all under its own weight.

you can feel his pain
you can feel his pain

It all seems like a quick snatch and grab, a one nighter operation that suddenly unravels more than its fair share of mysteries, it would be a perfect “whodunit” caper.

A story that easily keeps you guessing and keeps you invested from beginning to end.

Without getting too Wikipedia-ish, we jump through several hoops, not just metaphorical, but perhaps very much real. There are several wounds that batman carries with him, under his armor there is this human being, that has learned to carry his pain as if it were an extension of his his armor.

He keep his anger and frustration at arm’s reach, and his pain even closer, this story unravels all these “Old Ghosts” in a very sinister way.

On nights like the ones that await our hero we reminisce on old injuries and even older foes.

always in for a good time
always in for a good time

Someone decided to break into batman’s life.


Don’t say a word!

Somebody has a joke in mind, and they’re not telling.

Story arc from Batman # 608-619 changes the batman, as well as the reader.

We visit every single aspect that the dark knight would hold dear, to every single one of his rogues, and his personal failings. Only to feel… empathy.

Rogues Gallery
Rogues Gallery

We see him be the detective, the friend, the man behind the mask, and at one point, we may even want him to stop this pursuit, knowing full well all it has taken from him.

We are reminded that his nights are very different from the rest, and for all the pain he keeps close, there may be hope, physically beaten, pushed to his emotional limits, we also explore a possibility…

At least that was my take away from this.

As always, the good stories are the ones that inspire.

And for me, Hush has everything you can ask for in a batman universe.


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