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This is my first article and I wanted it to be big and once I heard that they are going to do a new Power Rangers movie I'm like this is perfect cause like a lot of people I've watched a lot of Power Rangers growing up. This movie has got to be big or go home. Also I'd bring back as many of the original actors as possible for this movie. The fans want the cast back and I think they would make more money by doing so all the while being loyal to the fans, Haim Saban as well as all the actors who have been rangers. I begin this movie this way.

A new evil has awakened on Earth once sealed by Zordon by ages ago. Is released by human mistake one that the humans will regret, one that will effect time itself present and future. (Present time) The original rangers minus Trini sadly, arrive at Angel Grove High for their high school reunion. Their first time coming to their high school reunion since Trini's death, is welcomed by Bulk and Skull and a conversation starts with the two former bullies saying how sorry they are for picking on them in high school. Jason says its not that big a deal and how we always considered you both friends. This next part is kind of a tribute to Trini as well as the actress Thuy Trang who played her. Bulk and Skull set up a memorial for her at Angel Grove where all the students who knew her could see her. Brings a tear to the others, more from Billy being that he was the closest to her then the others. The others have their own way of paying tribute to her, something they've been doing since her passing. Around this time they visit the place where she is buried (another tribute to her) and this time decide to ask Bulk and Skull if they wish to come along, of course they would be honored. Now if it was me I would get Thuy Trang's parents to make a cameo right here for their daughter. As the rangers are walking in the cemetery they see a nice couple walking away (cue her parents). As the parents are walking they nod in the direction of the others in a way saying thank you for coming for all these years.

Here's one of the key points in the movie. As they they get closer to visiting her grave site they notice a large gathering or people. They are Power Rangers of the past, present, and future here to pay their respect for a friend. Also something else as well. Jason gives a speech thanking everyone for coming then he asked Billy to say something and that's when it got emotional for him and everyone in attendance. After that was over Wes see's Jen running up to him, giving him a big hug along with the other Time Force Rangers. Of course he's wondering why and how. She's glad she wasn't late but she defied the law of her time and her the others decided to come back to tell them of a terror that will soon rise on Earth stronger then anything any ranger has faced. She tells him that no ranger survives the upcoming battle for Earth. Wes knowing she came to this time with the others to warn them, know's this is something everyone should know goes to tell Jason and Tommy and they go to gather the other red rangers. The plan is decided, can't do anything until it happens. So everyone stay sharp and stay in group. So for now everyone goes in separate ways but as teams. Time Force stays to help fight, so does SPD along with RPM from their world. Couple of days have passed (still trying to think of what I can have them all do in a couple of days to pass the time). The day of arrival has come, someone has awakened him, (I'm thinking of an old enemy awakes him), he awakens from his underground slumber and arrives in the center of Angel Grove. Of course the original rangers are the first ones to arrive to feel his wrath and realize his strength is for real. I would make things a little more real in this movie. I haven't named their tough enemy yet, (ideas anyone) but he calls upon his minions and generals who were also sleeping in the Earth. I want the attacks to feel more real along with the martial arts so I want the rangers to get a hurt a little, to feel vulnerable. Jason knows their is no chance they can win tells the others he will fight to distract them while they run and get help. Tommy doesn't agree with this plan, Jason tells him I know you know this is the only way now get them out of here. Jason goes head on to the tough adversary knowing he can't win but know's he must protect the others fights with honor. Tommy leading the others away as they watch in horror Jason's fight he can't win. Tommy notices Billy is missing. The fight continues Jason getting hurt badly with the enemy getting ready to give the final blow when Billy steps in the way and takes the hit for Jason. Jason surprised by his actions, ask Billy why did you do it? His reply, they need a leader to lead them through this. Billy bleeding pretty bad and the others come back to gather around the injured Billy and Jason thinking if this is the end they should be together.

Then all of the sudden the Turbo Rangers arrive Justin, Adam with Rocky riding shot gun, Kat and Tonya. They arrive in their respective vehicles to get the others to safety. Being chased by the enemy wondering where to go from here Billy while being injured tells them to go to the command center. Justin knowing the command center has been damaged trust Billy's words and heads there. Billy asked for the comlink and tells Alpha 1 to open the mountain doors. Alpha replies, of course Billy, doors open with guns blazing from the mountains to ward off the enemy. They ride in to the mountains with the doors closing behind them. Alpha 1 tells them immediately to take Billy to the infirmary. No one knows where this is, Alpha 1 has no patience shows them the way. Everyone is looking around at the command center and wonders how come they never saw this before. Alpha 1 begins to tell them about the command center and how it was built, Zordon's origin and his battle with the enemy they are facing now and how Zordon sealed the enemy sacrificing his body in the process.

I call this the Coulsen effect where someone dies but their death has meaning that sets the tone for the others to follow to make them stronger. Billy who has some final words for the others knew about the command center and its secrets tells them of a greater power that Zordon has kept secret and it's meant for them to have to fight this enemy. As Billy lays dying and parts his final words to his friends, he grips Rocky's hands and tells him you know what to do, in his hands is Billy's morpher. Now I'm thinking we need a yellow ranger and I was thinking somewhere in this movie we need Aisha and I think it would be awesome to include her here to take over for Trini. Alpha 1 the original out of the five that Zordon has built is the key to their ultimate power. Zordon stored half his power in power coins and the other half in the Alpha 1. They gathered around Alpha 1, then he unleashed the power stored inside him to make them equal to Zordon's power. Doing so Alpha 1 fulfilled his mission, waiting for the right time, by doing so he lost all power to himself. All these years he's been powered by Zordon's power. As the rangers collect in their thoughts what just happened, Justin noticed how big the underground command center. All zords once thought destroyed are in the command center being rebuilt little by little. So far the only zords repaired stronger then ever are the originals waiting for the new power to activate them.

During this time I would have other battles take place as other rangers battle some of the other forces sent to destroy them. The enemy's goal is not just to conquer Earth but to destroy all rangers and their connections to Zordon. To ensure the future is theirs. I want to show Wes and Jen getting closer. Dino Thunder Kira at a concert singing with the others watching on. I want to see all teams battling and teaming up to fight this enemy then all meet together at Angel Grove. They all look battered and bruised but still fighting. Set up some side stories in the movie to show all teams doing something upon their arrival you know.

As the fight continues at Angel Grove the enemy doesn't give in and increases in number as the rages on. During this time it goes back to the command center and Justin not having any patience and wants to join in on the fighting is ready to get moving. He talks to Adam,Tonya and Kat to let them know he's going and they decides their is nothing more they can do here the rest is up to them. Tonya mentions we won't get there in time, Justin says he made a call to an old friend. They ride out of the command center and see the Phantom Ranger waiting for them to transport to the battle field. While the Turbo Rangers head to the battle the others get ready themselves to go where they are needed. First they must figure out how to awaken the new zords. Tommy suggest we work with what we have, when the time arrives we'll know what to do. Everyone agree's and Jason tells everyone with his famous phrase "Back to Action".

Turbo Rangers with the help of the Phantom Ranger arrive to help, only a little difference is made in battle, somethings missing. When all hope seems lost, six figures arrive via teleportation from the command center. All eyes were focused on them and what they were going to do next. Jason shouts out "IT'S MORPHEN TIME!" A light shines on them from the sky of their respective colors and grants them new morphin power and armor (something more metallic). The enemy feels a familiar presence in them something he hasn't felt in ages. He realizes they have Zordons full power with them and are now a threat to him and his army. All the other rangers see this and the difference in strength now and believe they still may win this. They all charge at once together as one force. Jason comes up with the idea of stopping his forces or at least slowing them down. Jason calls Mack from Operation Overdrive to shut off or block the Earth's core, where all his minions are known to be arriving. Mack understands and gets his team to the Earth's core.Note :Their zords were never destroyed at the end of their series and if so can be repaired at the home of Mack's dad, I mean how many times have their machines been damaged?) They accomplish their mission on shutting off his source and his minions can no longer resurface topside. While that's going on the other are fighting an awesome battle. With the main enemy (still haven't thought of a name yet) get upset at the outcome right now he joins the battle himself and starts taking out rangers left and right, no serious injuries of course. Jason and Tommy see this going down Jason says: "Tommy you with me on this?" Tommy: I was waiting for you to say something, let's do it." They both head strait to him to engage him in battle. A fierce fight takes place (I would have an awesome fight scene take place here, nothing cheap), still lacking power the enemy says "you lack the strength that Zordon had when he bested me in combat, their is no way you can win." Jason: "look around you, we already won" All of his minions have been destroyed, he's the only one left standing. Jason and Tommy jump in position to where Kimberly, Zach, Aisha, and Rocky are waiting for them (I figured this last battle should be where it all started, right where the came from). Jason yells out: "OKAY EVERYONE PUT THEM ALL TOGETHER", (I was thinking how cool it would be to have all the teams combine theirs weapons like they did in their respective seasons). All weapons combined to make one massive attack on the enemy, coming at him at full force. Everyone thought that was it nothing left, Zach says out loud: "Aren't we forgetting, I mean doesn't something usually happens when we do this)? All of the sudden he grows enormous to massive size. Kimberly says: "Now is as good as anything to test out the new Zords that Zordon and Alpha had ready for us". Jason: Right let's do it guys". Holding up their morphers they call upon their old zords but rebuilt and stronger then ever, (I want to see special effects like that of Pacific Rim, seriously that would be epic). (Note I would make Tommy that white ranger for this movie and save the green ranger for a stand alone movie). A fight take place unlike anything we've seen before. While that goes on the rangers down below are on crowd control getting people to safety. The Rangers in the new Mega Zord takes the huge enemy to an ocean close to Angel Grove to continue fighting while receiving damage in the process. As the enemy begins to get the upper hand the Rangers turn it around. They call from the sky in Zordon's name for their blazing sword (couldn't think of a name here) to finish the enemy. Slicing him in two falling to the bottom of the ocean, the rangers are victor in this hard fought battle. A day goes by everyone saying their leaving going their own ways but they all agree when the time calls to fight again. Jason says "Once a ranger" Everyone yells out" ALWAYS A RANGER"! ( I was thinking of a side note for the end some how have Jen from Time Force to stay back to stay with Wes, I always wanted that to happen and yes have them kiss).

Credits roll..............

Rita's base on the moon if I remember was never destroyed. What if Tommy wasn't her first green ranger but someone else was. I would have somewhere at the end of the movie it caused her original green ranger to awaken from his deep sleep on the moon. Dazed and confused he's wondering where his powers are and finds out someone named Tommy was the last one to have it, with an evil look he looks at the Earth.

That would lead to a green ranger stand alone movie.

This was my first article so I hope you all like it. Comment however you want. Open for ideas and changes, this was for fun.


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