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FX ordered a second season for the Fargo series, after the show had been nominated for 18 Emmy awards.

The 10 episodes of the first season of Fargo captivated the viewers and got the praise of the critics with their unique blend of Coen brothers and [Breaking Bad](series:200567)’s world, which convinced the network to renew the series for another 10 episode second season.


Despite sharing the same number of episodes, the new season will have an all-new cast, new characters, a new “true crime” story, and it will be set in a different time period. There is a possibility, though, for the new season to be filmed in the same location as the first in Calgary, Canada.

FX Networks CEO John Landgraf said, “Noah’s [Noah Hawley, the creator] audacious, bordering on hubristic riff on my favorite Coen brothers film earned 18 Emmy nominations – the most for a single program in our history.” Contrary to American Horror Story in which a number of actors of their cast reappear in different installments, playing different roles, “[Fargo](series:1076400) demands a different level of realism, and we felt we couldn't introduce these actors as new characters,” the CEO of the network said.


As for season 5 of Louie we won’t have to wait for two years as we did for season 4 because the new season will premiere in spring of 2015. The fifth season will contain seven episodes, which is half the number of episodes of the previous season, and as John Landgraf said, “Louie’s fourth season was once again groundbreaking. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking – always though, provoking.” He continued “the show went to narrative and cinematic places no comedy has gone before and we look forward to seeing what Louis comes up with next.”

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The fourth season of [Louie](series:754282) was nominated for five Emmy awards, including Best Comedy Series.

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