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Depsite being deep in the guts of filming on The Walking Dead Season 5, Andrew Lincoln, AKA Rick Grimes, proved why he's one of the most popular guys in the business.

A young fan approached the superstar but instead of acting aloof and disinterested, Lincoln did something adorable: He swapped hats with the kid and autographed it for him.

Looking fly!
Looking fly!

How awesome is that! I gotta say it's refreshing to see these stars take time out of their busy schedule to show their appreciation to the fans and the support they give the show. Many other celebrities probably wouldn't have paid any attention to the group of gathered Dead-Heads, but then I guess the cast of The Walking Dead aren't like most celebrities.

[The Walking Dead](series:201193) is the highest rating show on cable TV and a lot of this is because we fans feel a connection to the show.

In the end we are more than just fans: We are The Walking Dead.


What would you like Andrew Lincoln to autograph for you?

(The Spoiling Dead Fans)


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