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Karly Rayner

We've all seen videos of celebrities breaking down thanks to the foul and invasive tactics of the paparazzi, but rarely do we get to see a star showing the paps who's boss.

When Kevin Smith was being harassed by a TMZ photographer as he signed autographs for his fans the geeky renaissance man turned the tables and made the invasive pap squirm.

Instead of losing his temper and making himself look like a fool, the undisputed geek overlord used his wicked sense of humor and wit to gain the upper hand.

Check out the video of Smith defending himself below;

You can't help but cringe for the pap as he asks Smith such ridiculous inconsequential questions about minor pop stars dressing up their dogs as Chewbacca. Does he know who he's talking to?!

You've got to hand it to Smith though, he really managed to prove a point without being negative or abusive. Instead, he treated the people who thrust microphones into his unsuspecting face everyday with a grudging respect and taught them an important lesson about how stressful it is being in the spotlight.

Let's just hope having a taste of how uncomfortable he makes other people feel everyday will make this pap reconsider his job!


Do you think Kevin Smith handled the Paparazzi in the right way?



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