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Time to reach for the smelling salts and take a seat guys, the latest Vampire Diaries rumor is enough to cause episodes of mass fainting and hysteria among the fandom.

Tongues are wagging that Damon will not return to Season 6 of [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) as his multi-dimensional, swaggering self but will instead be limited to flimsy appearances as a ghost or flashback.

Although executive producer Julie Plec has confirmed both Damon and Bonnie will remain a part of the TVD universe, it has never been made 100 percent clear whether we will see them again in this season.

But, before you start rocking in a darkened cupboard watching endless 'Damon's best moments' Youtube compilations, let's try and examine whether this rumor could really be true...

To begin with, where did it actually come from? A small quote from Plec seems to be the source of these acidic little whispers. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the executive producer hints that everyone will be getting a fresh start in season 6. She told us eager fans that;

Season six is a beautiful and organic reset. The theme of the season is everybody gets to start over. That's what we're going to do.

This quote on its own was not enough to start a wave of Damon related hysteria, but when Plec spoke out to TV Line, she really fanned the flames by suggesting Elena will have moved on and be getting on with her life without Damon. The quote reads;

As much as I am a romantic and believe in true love, I also believe in therapy and trying to pull yourself together and getting on with your life

I think that TVD fans might be letting their worst fears fan the hysteria while there is really nothing to worry about.

Ian Somerhalder has already been pictured on set, and although I think we will have to wait a while to see him return, I'm confident he will be back in a more solid form than a memory in season 6.

Besides, even if Damon doesn't make his way back to Elena in season 6, Plec has confirmed that we will be seeing our favorite Salvatore brother alongside Bonnie in another dimension. She told fans;

Where they are is part of the mystery of the beginning of the season. It’s not torturous, but it’s by no means a roller coaster ride of fun. If nothing else, it’s a bit of an existential experience. They’ll be aware that they’re no longer where they thought they were — but they’re also not dead, per se. They’ll be asking a lot of questions, along with the audience, including: What’s going on? Where the hell are we? And how do we get home?

So don't panic my fellow Damon devotees! He'll be back!


Are you worried about how much we will see Damon in season 6?

(Source: Christian Today via TV Line and Hollywood Reporter)


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