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Sons of Anarchy's main man Kurt Sutter isn't the only guy on set who's recently been shooting his mouth of about the Emmys, apparently...

As was evident when the cast and crew fielded questions about their lack of Emmy recognition, Charlie Hunnam, who plays Jax in the FX drama, commented:

Lest we forget, it doesn't matter at all. I feel there's this perception that we're upset about this and.… I really don't give a shit.

After some critically-acclaimed seasons, Sons of Anarchy has failed to garner any Emmy wins. A case of sour grapes for Hunnam, perhaps?

The 34-year-old thesp continued:

I make this for the people that watch the show and I really care for me about the work that I do and for my friends that watch it. People don't appreciate it. You can't win them all.

Well, it makes a change to hear that an actor isn't motivated by the accolades that come along with the business, and as a real Sons fan I certainly appreciate hearing that we're Hunnam's main target group.


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