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Let's not stand on ceremony here. I'm hooked on this film. You're hooked on this film. You know who else is hooked on this film?

Unfortunately, from where I'm sitting dear readers we still have 10 days to wait until the midnight premieres have us all chanting "I am Groot" until the internet goes blue in the face.

Ten. Whole. Days...

All these folks at the premiere today got to see it! What makes them so special?

Oh, they made the film? Right...

I don't care.

Well, all is not lost future Groots, because marketing for the film has kicked into high gear. That means marketing galore in the form of TV spots, gun-toting lab-animal plush-toys, trees being cut down to make room for billboards of trees, and clips.

Lots and lots of clips.

The one brought to us by YouTube user NotMyTrailer just so happens to be FIVE glorious minutes long, and largely features content previously exclusive to the 17-minute sneak previews a couple of weeks ago.

Did I mention I saw that? Because I did, and it was awesome. You would've loved it. I'm a bad person.

But as a gesture of goodwill, here you go. Enjoy! Watch this immediately... and then watch it again. Then pay it forward and share it with your loved ones who feel as bummed out as a raccoon soaked in space OJ because they have to wait ten days, too.

I am Groot, and this is great.

...also, I approve this message.

Marvel's [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) releases in the US on August 1, 2014.

PS: Did I mention that was ten days from now?

Source: NotMyTrailer (via YouTube)


I am Groot?


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