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San Diego Comic-Con 2014 is almost upon us - and you know what that means!


No, not that (well, not just that).

It means toys - and not just regular, share 'em with your kids toys. We're talking the greatest toys, action figures, collectibles and just plain awesome stuff that money can - and likely will - buy.

The sort of toys that'll take you back to being a kid again yourself. The sort that we'd have found just as cool when we were six, sixteen, or sixty.

And the best part? Most of them have already been announced...

So, set your joyful screaming to muted, and read on:

First up:

Infinite Power, for $74.99:

Meet Hasbro's The Infinity Gauntlet Figure Set - with an actual Infinity Gauntlet*.

*Note, not an actual Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos.

An Alien Playset For All the Family:

Meet Super 7's Alien ReAction Egg Chamber Playset - the toy we can now all wish had slightly damaged us as children.

The Cutest Ninja Turtle Villains Ever:

Meet Kidrobot's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bebop and Rocksteady 7-Inch Vinyls - and tremble with 'aww'.

And, Similarly, Peter Venkman Returns:

Meet Funko's Ghostbusters Pop! Venkman and Slimer Metallic 2-Pack - the cutest Bill Murray has looked in, sorry, weeks.

For the Darker Souls Among You:

Meet Mexco's Breaking Bad Saul Goodman Red Tie Bobblehead - the best source of legal advice since the Barry Zuckerhorn LEGO I dreamt about last month.

A Surprisingly Visible Invisible Figure:

Meet Funko's Invisible Predator ReAction Figure - and then hide as best you can.

A Pretty Big Walking Dead Spoiler:

Meet Funko Pop!'s The Walking Dead Headless Hershel Vinyl Figure - and remember just how dark The Walking Dead can get...

FIREFLY! (No Additional Headline Required):

Meet Funko's Firefly ReAction Repaint Exclusives - and then join me in getting massively overexcited, and then re-watching the whole series again.

Actual* Dragon Eggs!

Meet Entertainment Earth's Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Prop Replica Set in Wooden Box - and then eventually demonstrate your scaly, fire-breathing wrath...

*Note, Dragon Eggs are not in fact real. Awesome, though.

He Remembers Me!

Meet Factory Entertainment's Sterling Archer 6-Inch Action Figure - and then ask yourself "Why didn't they include the Ocelot?"

A Lifesize Darth Vader Car:

Meet a lifesize Hot Wheels Darth Vader car, designed by Mattel, and built by Picture Car Warehouse. You can buy a much more sensible 1:64 toy version at the 'Con.

New. LEGO. Nuff. Said:

Meet Guardians of the Galaxy's The Collector, in LEGO form - as well as both Bard the Bowman, and a giant freakin' Smaug!

And, Last But Not Least:

Meet the pick of Marvel's Exclusive Content - because Hydra is everywhere. Even Comic-Con.

Still not seen enough Comic-Con goodness? You can follow Moviepilot's practically limitless coverage over the weekend right here at our SDCC 2014 page - as well as with a whole bunch of updates on Facebook.


What do you guys think? Toy you're most looking forward to getting your (hypothetical or otherwise) hands on?



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