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Sundays episode of True Blood witnessed Lafayette and James eventually getting together after Jessica gave James the brush-off once again.

Jessica walked in on Lafayette and James having sex and soon after breaks up with James.

Actor Nathan Parsons spoke recently to the Hollywood Reporter about the sex in the show, in particular last weeks sex scene and his approach to the character.

According to the actor:

The line is drawn after this episode. Now we’ll start to see more of Lafayette and l together, and Jessica has another thing she’s going to start dealing with...

When asked about the sex scene itself Parsons spoke quite candidly saying that:

We just had to be really careful about how we went about it. We didn’t want it to be uncomfortable to watch or over the top. It has to be something that is seemingly organic and loving, instead of just having sex for the sake of having sex. I think that was the difficult line to walk. It comes out of nowhere and we have to do it tastefully, and we all have to be comfortable with what’s happening. But Howard [Deutch], the director, was great about it. Nelsan and I just went along for the ride, and I think it turned out really well.
And this story is important and should be told and needs to be shared. It’s a story that’s being told all over the place, and TV doesn’t pay enough attention to it. The "Do I love this guy or love this girl?" and "Is this right or is this wrong?" becomes more important than the act itself, and that I think was really well done by the writer [Craig Chester] and Howard and Nelsan and myself.

Finally Parsons was asked about his approach to the character of James after having replaced Luke Grimes in the role:

He’s a Jim Morrison type, so I started reading Jim Morrison’s biography. There were all these little details. He was always really soft-spoken, never raised his voice. Luke did something similar, but they also talked about the way that Jim Morrison would stand sometimes, the way he’d sometimes suck in his cheeks, all his interesting quirks. I thought, "Huh, maybe I can work these in here. Maybe I can play with the idea that Jim Morrison is alive, he just got turned into a vampire.

I would've never really thought about the Jim Morrison thing to be honest but now that he says it, it's pretty obvious.

How about you, does, Nathan remind you of Jim Morrison in True Blood?


Nathan is so like Jim Morrison

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