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Ordinarily in the case of most of the films Indie Film Sprites assists with publicity services I wait for clients to get in touch with me. Maya Glick, currently doing a Kickstarter for her film RAIN: A Fan Film About Storm has been the only exception. The moment I heard that RAIN was crowdfunding again, that was it- no ifs, no buts, I was going to help Maya out immediately.

Maya is like a phoenix that has risen from the ashes. A purple belt and personal trainer with a background in music and performance, she has gone through one of the worst things anyone can face in their lives: the death of a child. Sadly Maya lost her infant son in 2011. The sadness and depression that results from this type of grief is crippling for anyone. But Maya eventually found solace in martial arts as therapy...and she rose again. It is this tragedy and subsequent feeling of powerlessness through to triumph which served as fuel for RAIN.

In RAIN, Maya embodies her favourite version of X-Men character Storm, Storm’s ‘punk’ incarnation. During this time Storm was without her powers and thus has to be resourceful in order to triumph. In true indie fashion, Maya’s dissatisfaction with the lack of female superheroes of colour saw her wanting to bring her version of Storm to life. Maya’s vision and her story has drawn some of the best in their field to the film, making the production values as top notch as the script itself. And with Maya’s background in martial arts you can be sure that the stunts and fight sequences are going to be out of this world.

The response from fans has been immense. Maya has received a tremendous amount of social media support, not to mention interviews and blog posts that have sent lovers of comic book films into a frenzy. Just days out from the end of the Kickstarter campaign, RAIN reached (and is currently exceeding) its target.
It goes without saying that the more contributions, the more can help the film to really find its wings.

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