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I loved The NeverEnding Story with a passion as a kid - I think my brother and I rented it from the video shop so much we nearly wore the tape out. Bastian, Atreyu, Falkor and the evil Gmork made for the best (and most bizarre) film watching experience a kid could ask for.

Believe it or not, The NeverEnding Story turns 33 this year! I guess time flies when you're a Luckdragon!

The film follows the quest of Atreyu who has been summoned by the Childlike Empress, the sick ruler of Fantasia, to find out how to end The Nothing and restore peace to Fantasia.

But what are the human stars of the movie up to now? Their changes may shock you!

Argh, Gmork! [Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]
Argh, Gmork! [Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]

Bastian Balthazar Bux — Barret Oliver

[Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]
[Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]

Who was he? Bastian was a sad kid dealing with a lot in his life - the death of his mother, a harsh father and bullies who chased him into a dumpster. He found solace in reading The NeverEnding Story and ended up being the hero by renaming the Childlike Empress Moon Child, which was his mother's name (yeah, it's kinda weird).

Age Then: 11

Age Now: 43

What he's been doing: After quitting acting in 1988 Barret Oliver has largely stayed out of the limelight. He has gone on to be a successful photographer, teaching classes in Los Angeles. He has even written a book called 'A History of Woodburytype.'

Atreyu — Noah Hathaway

[Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/Twitter IamNoahHathaway]
[Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/Twitter IamNoahHathaway]

Who was he? Atreyu was given a quest by the Childlike Empress to save Fantasia from The Nothing. He set out on his mission with the AURYN for protection along with his horse Artax. You'll almost certainly remember the sad scene when Atreyu tried to save Artax from the Swamp of Sadness, and also when Atreyu kills scary Gmork.

Age Then: 13

Age Now: 45

What he's been doing: Noah Hathaway is still acting, most recently appearing in The Chair in 2016 and Tom Holland's Twisted Tales in 2014. He has also spent time racing motorcycles, practicing martial arts and touring at conventions in Australia and America.

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The Childlike Empress — Tami Stronach

[Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/Instagram tamistronach_]
[Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/Instagram tamistronach_]

Who was she? The Childlike Empress was the monarch of Fantasia who lived in the Ivory Tower. She was made ill by The Nothing and set Atreyu on his quest to save both her and the Kingdom. As it turns out all she needed was the imagination of a child to give her a new name to return her to health.

Age then: 12

Age now: 44

What she's been doing: After The NeverEnding Story Tami retired from acting - her parents fearing she may run into trouble as a child actress. Since then she has become a well respected dance choreographer, and also runs the family entertainment production company, Paper Canoe Company.


[[Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]
[[Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]

Who was he? The Luckdragon who helps Atreyu and Bastian. He first helps Atreyu after he becomes exhausted trying to escape the Swamp of Sadness after Artax's death, and later is brought into the real world by Bastian to chase his bullies.

Age then: Unknown

Age now: Unknown

What he's been doing: After appearing in the two Neverending Story sequel films, Falkor retired from the big screen, however fans of the series can still meet him at Bavaria Film Studios near Munich, Germany (and buy plenty of Falkor merchandise!).


Who shocked you the most?

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