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So many amazing things happen at SDCC and one of the things that I'm most excited about is the premiere of Fox's new show Wayward Pines. From M. Night Shayamalan (The Sixth Sense, Devil) and based on the best selling novel Pines from Blake Crouch, Wayward Pines is a funky, little town that you cannot seem to leave.

This will be a ten episode event starring Matt Dillon as Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke. After Burke wakes up in the hospital of Wayward Pines, he is confronted with countless mysteries and all of them point to the real question; what is up with Wayward Pines?

Bursting at the seams with great actors, Academy Award winner Melissa Leo, Carla Gugino, Emmy Award Nominee Toby Jones, Juliette Lewis, and Academy Award Nominee Terrence Howard just to name a few, with a distinct Twin Peaks vibe to it, Wayward Pines looks full of promise. Depending on how you feel about Shayamalan, you are either excited or turned off, or like me, optimistic. I really love some of his stuff and feel "meh" about the rest. With so much talent attached and a best selling novel for the foundation, it all looks really great to me!

Will you be one of the lucky ones to view the premiere episode of Wayward Pines at SDCC??

For a more info about Wayward Pines visit the show's website here

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