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Greetings fellow super hero fans! I hope the following is something you can "take flight" with for some time. I had a interesting cyber conversation this morning and felt that I would share it with the rest of the internet because I'm that kind of nerd. Superman is the most recognizable hero in the genre. He's the 1st and the standard to whom all others are measured. He was the 1st hero that I can remember and will always have a special place in my heart so when Man Of Steel dropped I couldn't wait to fork out my loot for the 3D/IMAX Zach Synder/Christopher Nolan project. AND I was not disappointed as I finally got a chance to see Supes fight! (Yeah, I am violent NERD, what of it?) But as happy as I was with the film and my experience, I kept seeing/reading/hearing that so many others were not. I had to find out why.

It seems like most MOS viewers I have encountered have an issue with Synder overall. Whether it was past films like Watchmen, Sucker Punch, or 300, they just didn't like him, though I could never get a definitive answer as to why...Others have an issue with how he constructed MOS, how Clark/Lois relationship was handled, and of course the battle with Zod. Through it all it seems that most people had an issue with the movie for one reason or another be it script, acting, etc., and it boggles my mind. People, (ahem) it was THE best FREAKING Superman movie EVER MADE. EVER!!! Think about the 1st two Superman movies. Lex Luthor wore wigs!!! Superman shot lasers/gravity wells from his fingers!!! Hell, he turned back time with no repercussions and we know what fickle beast time can be!!! The Phantom Zone was a piece of glass that floated through space!!! Superman walked to Alaska with just a coat on to get his powers back. He walked. With no powers!!!

Did MOS have it's flaws? Yes! What super hero movie doesn't?

  • The Avengers: Banner knew exactly where to go to find the rest of the gang to fight Loki and Chiaturi.
  • Iron Man: Why did it take 4 films for him to take the shrapnel out of his chest?
  • The Incredible Hulk: If Blonsky got the same serum that Rogers received, why didn't he get taller like Rogers?
  • Green Lantern: Many flaws but this one stands out: his ring NEVER talked to him.
  • Batman Begins/The Dark Knight/The Dark Knight Rises: His Batman voice or the fact Robin's name was used as an easter egg. (I know it was a reach but those movies were sooooo flippin good)

SO when people bring up things like "Why did Superman kill Zod?" my 1st response was "What else was he supposed to do?" Granted, I felt like most people: Superman does not kill! I was taken aback by that scene as well but then I thought about it further. This is an origin story. This guy is doing this all for the 1st time under some serious duress. The only thing on the planet that could have stopped Zod had been destroyed or sent thru the worm hole/Phantom Zone. People's lives were at directly at stake. He's a rookie. Really the only thing that bothers me in the movie is that he gets a job with the Daily Planet with (from what we have seen thus far) no experience in the field. I have seen the argument that he got a government job without using his real name as well and that Clark must have the best ID forger in the DCU but until Synder gives us an explanation, that complaint has definite merit but I say that Man Of Steel was THE BEST SUPERMAN MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!! What say you?


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