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The Walking Dead: The Virus Explained! A Fan Theory.

(Please Note That I, as the author of this article, started watching the show first before I started reading the comics)

As we all know in the show [The Walking Dead](series:201193) and in the comic’s, the Walker Virus is never fully explained in detail leaving a ton of unanswered questions. Where did the virus come from? How can we stop this virus? All we know of this virus is what we heard from Jenner at the CDC and that is that the virus is already inside all of us. The show as well as comics have failed to expand on this explanation and I know it bothers some of us, if not most, as it would help us understand this virus a bit more. Who knows maybe they’re waiting later on down the line in the Comics to explain how the virus came to. Who really knows. Through much thinking over the past year I think I have come up with a way they can explain the virus in the show as well as comic.

NOTE: This is just a theory from a dedicated fan and may be a bit botchy in some parts. The Walker Virus Explained as follows…..

Since we do not know the exact time period that The Walking Dead takes place and all we know is that the show and comics take place in present time we are going to base this theory based on this knowledge….

Twenty to thirty years prior to The Walker Breakout there was a massive pandemic in the USA, a new deadlier form of the flu that was killing off thousands and thousands of people. The CDC, in a panic, went into developing a cure and vaccine for the new flu strain. This is all while the CDC were making huge advancements at the time.

The CDC went into overdrive mode for a year working on the vaccination. They made a breakthrough when they combined three vaccinations together to make a vaccination strong enough to inoculate everyone from this new deadly strain of the flu. The vaccination was finished but at this time the form of the flu had gotten stronger so they had to scramble and work frantically again to come up with a stronger form of the vaccination AGAIN. Too many people were dying off and they were scared that they would not get the vaccination and cure out fast enough.

The CDC went into super-work mode and came up with a way to bring back a flu victim just at the very last minute that he or she was about to pass away. A serum added to the vaccination that jump-started the heart again bringing them back from the brink of death. They called this The Revival Serum. The CDC finally had the perfect cure and vaccine.

This new vaccination comes two to three years after the initial breakout of the pandemic. They rushed the vaccination out to hospitals and clinics to get everyone inoculated and they distributed the vaccine to other countries as well. In a year and a half mostly everyone on the planet was inoculated and had this vaccine in their systems. But what the DIDNT KNOW was that the vaccine was only minorly tested as the CDC was rushed to get the cure out the door by the US Government. That being said people were cured and the deadly flu pandemic was gone. A few years go by and then mostly everyone has had their YEARLY SHOT. By then the virus has MUTATED into something real nasty showing no effects on the person until their death.

The deadly flu vaccine has transformed itself into THE WALKER VIRUS STRAIN. Now when a person dies, after their death they are reanimated into a Walker becoming a card-carrying member of the UNDEAD and becoming infectious to the STILL LIVING humans.

As we've all seen, The Walker Virus is transmitted through bite, scratch, natural death and being shot in the head or stabbed by The Governor being left there without a final shot or stab to the head to make sure that you didn't reanimate your self into a flesh eating zombie LOL.

As Jenner at the CDC said “The Virus is already inside all of us” and this is the reason why. Also note that in some scenes of The Walking Dead we see some people who have naturally decomposed and were dead that did not get transformed into Walkers. My belief is that those people chose not to get the flu inoculation therefore not being transformed into Walkers upon their death. The Walkers are the population that chose the vaccination. Also note that not everyone caught the deadly flu either. This also explains why there are soo very few humans and why the population of Walkers far outweighs the population of humans. This is because of the initial kill off due to the flu pandemic that happened many years prior. This is the full explanation of how the Walker Virus Started.

  Bicycle Girl from The Pilot Episode of TWD
Bicycle Girl from The Pilot Episode of TWD

EXTRA CREDIT: Also what I have been noticing is that we do not see animals infected with the Walker Virus. This leads me to believe that animals are immune to this virus. The Walkers have been eating animals in the show but we have yet to see one of those animals TURN. In my opinion I think that THE CURE for the Walker Virus will come from a part of the animals DNA. Food for thought.

This theory is also based on some of the things I have seen in movies such as Andromeda Strain and Outbreak both of which are very good movies that have to deal with virus outbreaks. I have also taken into account alot of the documentaries I have seen on History Channel with shows depicting The End Of The World scenarios and what could happen. Mind you I know nothing about how vaccines and the medical field work although it is scientific fact that we as humans right now are OVERDUE for another world wide pandemic. Also when you are trying to explain how a virus came about you have to do so in a way people would easily understand. This was the best way I could explain. This is just a fan based theory loosely based on what I have seen in other movies and documentaries and may not be 100 percent accurate but hey I at least TRIED to make sense of the virus and give a good explanation of it. Take it as you will. Would love to hear you all weigh in your thoughts. Comment below.

  Jenner telling Rick "The Big Secret" at the CDC.
Jenner telling Rick "The Big Secret" at the CDC.


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