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Daniel Rodriguez

The official page of the Insidious movie franchise on facebook has released the first official image of the third instalment, to be directed by Leigh Whannell.

The pic shows the paranormal Elise (Lin Shaye), director Leigh and other cast and production members. Insidious Chapter 3 will be the first part of the franchise not directed by James Wan, whose horror career took a break; the new director, Leigh Whannell is the writer behind chapters one and two, and it's also an actor in both films, Elise's helper Specs, which makes him the perfect name to direct this new installment. Chapter 3 is also moving forward with the Lambert curse arc, as that plot was resolved in Chapter 2. This time, Elisa and her crew will have to face a new and powerful entity that is haunting a young girl, as seen in the ending of Chapter 2.

The film will be in theaters in 5/29/2015.


Are you excited to see Insidious Chapter 3?


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