ByNicolas Carmona, writer at
Nicolas Carmona

The box office of this weekend wasn’t that much of a challenge against Dawn of the Planet of the Apes that made $36.3 million, followed by new comer The Purge: Anarchy who came on second with $$29.8 million. Planes came in third with $17.5 which shows to never underestimate the power of Disney, on fourth Sex Tape with $14.8. Transformers came on fifth with $9.8 million; this was pretty much on spot from my prediction with a small twist.from planes.

This week we have Lucy and Hercules, two action movies that will affect the box office, all before the big one the following week. So my prediction is:

1. Lucy

2. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

3. Hercules

4. The Purge: Anarchy

5. Planes


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