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Just a short while ago, high-end collectibles company Sideshow Collectibles announced that they've acquired the rights for Evil Dead II and regained the rights to once again make merchandise from the the Friday the 13th series. If you missed my article on it, look HERE. If you're a collector of really cool action figures and statues, it's easy to see that 2014 is shaping up to have some heavy hitters that are collection must-haves. Then just today, Sideshow released the teaser image of their upcoming Premium Format Figure of Pinhead (see image above) from the third film in the classic installment, Hellraiser: Hell on Earth. This is the first time that Sideshow has ever tested the waters in making merchandise from the Hellraiser franchise. I remember just a few years back seeing the rough sculpt images of this piece, but it never came to pass. And now it looks like it's finally going to see the light of day.

For those of you who don't know what a Premium Format figure is, look at these Elvira and Creature from the Black Lagoon ones done by Sideshow. Essentially, it's a tall statue around two and a half feet tall, and it's usually clothed. In Pinhead's case, his suit will be sculpted, however.

The Vampirella Premium Format figure is the latest horror addition and is available for pre-order HERE.

The only thing close in quality to the Pinhead we'll see from Sideshow is the affordable Neca 18 inch Action Figure. And while it's nice and a cherished item in the collecting community, it's no masterpiece like what Sideshow can and will do.

Unfortunately, there's no release date yet on the Pinhead Premium Format figure. Sideshow usually does a lot of horror stuff around Halloween time for what they call Spooktacular, like product reveals, pre-orders, and giveaways. Normally, I'd say to expect Pinhead to go up for pre-order around the Halloween season, and this may be true, but with the manufacturer revealing a completed picture as of today, I think it's possible he'll go up for pre-order sooner rather than later.

Check in from time to time on Sideshow's website for news and updates about this and other upcoming products HERE.


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