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Zachary Zdziarski

Horns is an upcoming dark fantasy film starring the famous Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe. Horns is based off a best-selling book written by Joe Hill and will be released on Halloween.

The trailer starts off with a voice over of people accusing Radcliffe's character, Ignatius "Ig" Perrish, of raping and killing his girlfriend Merrin Williams played by Juno Temple. In one point of the beginning of the trailer there is a mob of people outside of Ig's house carrying signs that read, "You will burn in Hell!" Also in the beginning of the trailer we get a quick glimpse of Merrin and also a glimpse of Ig Perrish crying. In the middle of the trailer we hear Merrin screaming and we see a newspaper in a garbage can that has an article titled, "Is This the Face of the Devil?" with a picture of Perrish underneath the headline. By the ending of the trailer (the trailer is only one minute long) we hear Radcliffe in a voice over with an American accent saying,"No one is born evil, but sometimes when you go through Hell the only way out is to walk deeper into the fire." Then the trailer ends with Radcliffe sitting down with, I believe a snake on his shoulder and with horns on his head.

I am really excited for this movie and I hope it will be fun. Also for those who want to see the trailer it is on Youtube and also for you guys that are like me that want to know the music for the trailer it is Pray by Kodaline.


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