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The second season of Marvel's Agents of Shield is coming up this fall, and it looks like we will be seeing the return of a familiar face. Cobie Smulders has been confirmed as reprising the role of Maria Hill, who appeared briefly in the first season as well as in Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In an interview with E! News, Joss Whedon and the producers spoke about seeing her again in this role.

We have plans to bring her in and see her. We love Cobie, we love the character. She's so great. She fits really nicely on the show and has good chemistry with Coulson and the others.

While I am a fan of Smulders, I wonder how Marvel will be able to reconcile the TV and cinematic universes. At the end of The Winter Soldier, Maria Hill was seen going to work for Tony Stark, and SHIELD is no more. How does that line up with a show based entirely around the agency?

Of course, the show already brought Coulson back to life, so maybe they will create a mini-SHIELD or reveal that the organization still exists in some way, shape, or form. They could also create an alternate universe where the events of TWS never happened, although that defeats the purpose of linking the show to the movies.

Lucy Lawless is also joining the show, although we do not yet know who she will be playing or how big her role will be.

Obviously, having Xena join the team has made many a nerd-girl happy, and the rumors are flying with how the warrior princess will be written into the show. She-Hulk seems to be a popular choice, and that would definitely be an interesting move for a show that has largely stayed away from the big Marvel names.

What do you think will happen with these two phenomenal actresses joining the second season team? Will Lawless become a major character, or is this just a brief appearance? Now that Smulders is done with HIMYM, will she become a regular feature in the show?

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