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It's officially Scarlett Johansson's year !


[Lucy](movie:935973) is a 2014 French-American action film directed, written by Luc Besson. It stars Scarlett Johansson as the title character who is a forced to work as a drug mule by the mafia. The drug gives Lucy some bad ass super powers and she turns the tables on her oppressors.

This is a typical Luc Besson film in the vein of 'La Femme Nikita' combined with elements of Limitless (2011). Although it isn't anything groundbreaking, it is a portent action movie, but the action here lacks a certain weight to it which I'll discuss below...

Characters/ Acting

Lucy starts off as a helpless damsel in distress, forced to do mafia's dirty work. An accidental reaction to the drug turns her in to an ultimate bad ass. Her character is well realized and Scarlett Johansson is great in the role. Morgan Freeman brings his typical gravitas in playing Prof Norman but there is nothing memorable about his character. The villains are menacing enough to be serviceable but not particularly layered or complex. In short, don't expect any Oscar nominations in this movie.


Plot is almost same as Limitless with a feminist twist and although not original it is executed well. The drug's effects allows Lucy to use 100% of her brain giving her powers like super-intelligence, telekinesis, electrokinesis etc. Luc Besson has a trope of kick ass female leads showing up 'The Man' and his execution/direction is good here. The movie also takes some surprising turns to inject some subtle social commentary which separates it from being just a generic action movie. But the movie isn't as smart as it tries to be. There are several plot holes which will make you wonder does Lucy really have super-intelligence?, but since it is entertaining those flaws can be forgiven here!


There are several great action sequences. Visually the film is stunning. But the action most of the times lacks dramatic tension. Lucy becomes stronger as the movie goes on gaining new powers and suddenly she is like superman, with strength beyond anyone! And similar to Superman movie we can't feel that much for her character because no villain is good enough to pose danger to her. She is better and superior to every antagonist in the movie, they are like ants to her and hence any tension/suspense/ thrill is lost. This is something I feared from the trailers too. But again action is cool, shot well and doesn't drag on for too long.


I liked Lucy but I didn't love it as much as I wanted to. I like Luc Besson's feminist message, a few genre bending surprises and hopefully the film does well to warrant more action movies led by women.This is a cool action movie but not a hard-hitting action/thriller.The movie has a solid performance by Scarlett Johansson and enough good stuff in it to keep you hooked. All in all, the movie is an entertaining popcorn flick and with a run time of just around 90 min it is worth checking out!

I am curious to know what you guys think. Have you seen the movie or are you planning to see it? If you did see the film, what did you think about it? Comment below!


What do you think about Lucy?


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