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The well-known fact is that a swan can potentially break a man's arm. With this in mind, we can only assume being attacked by a dragon is much, much worse.

The UK television streaming service, Blink Box, recently released a new Game of Thrones advertisement which featured a slightly humorous Youtube video being given the Westeros treatment. In the original, a slightly perturbed golfer is being harassed by some black swans, but this new version sees them digitally replaced by Game of Thrones' iconic dragons. Check it out below:

Of course, last time a golfer had a run in with a black swan, things ended slightly differently. For example, although this golfer seemed satisfied to playfully toy with the swan, Larry David wasn't so accommodating:

And yes, that unrelated paragraph was just an excuse to include a Curb Your Enthusiasm video.


This Game of Thrones commercial is...

Source: GeekTyrant


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