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The hugely successful The Walking Dead television series has already done a pretty good job of infecting other entertainment mediums.

We've already had two video games based on [The Walking Dead](series:201193) property, the incredible The Walking Dead interactive narrative games from Telltale Games (which are based on the comics, not the TV show) and the much, much, much less incredible The Walking Dead Survival Instinct (based on the TV show, not the comics).

With San Diego Comic-Con about to fully explode with its annual eruption of all things pop culture related, we've received a first trailer for a new Walking Dead mobile game, The Walking Dead: No Man's Land. Unfortunately, there's no gameplay to watch yet, but we do have a cinematic trailer which appears to be inspired by Dead Island's famous emotional trailer. Take a look below:

CEO of Next Games, Teemu Huuhtanen, had this to say about the game:

Our approach is to stay true to the main themes of the TV show: survival strategy, finding safety for your people, balancing between right and wrong and, of course, action when it comes to fighting against the hordes of walkers. We respect the creators of The Walking Dead immensely and want this game to portray the world they have created as closely as possible.

Of course, it's very, very hard to judge a game based on a cinematic trailer, especially one as short as this. Like the above mentioned Dead Island, cinematic trailers can often suggest a tone which just isn't actually present in the game.

The Walking Dead: No Man's Land will be based in the same world as the TV series and appears to be more of a tie-in than anything else. The game is expected to launch during the mid-season premiere of the The Walking Dead Season 5 early next year.


Do you have hope for this Walking Dead mobile game?



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