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The Walking Dead Season 5 is going to massive - and I mean literally MASSIVE. Franchise creator Robert Kirkman has been talking about the new season and promised that the set pieces could be the biggest and most spectacular we've seen on the show.

Speaking to AMC, he revealed:

Well, the things that excited me the most I cannot talk about! There are a couple of big set pieces that were built from scratch and it’s amazing to see Grace Walker work his magic. I will say that the worst thing about going back to set is that our prison has been dismantled. I kind of wish I had spent a little more time in it. It sucks to see that gone, but moving on, we’ve got cool stuff going on in this season. The secrecy has been fun. There are some really great things coming.

I gotta say, I'm not going to miss the prison at all. We were stuck there for one-and-a-half seasons, which is more than long enough to spend behind bars. I'm really looking forward to seeing where the gang heads next - and from info we've got from the set, it seems that it could be the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

It's not just big set pieces we can look forward to in Season 5 though. We'll also be getting a lot more backstory to some of our favorite characters:

There are a couple of characters in particular coming up in Season 5 that will get very big chunks of their backstory revealed in a very cool way. Some of that is from the comic and, like always, some of it is not.

If I were a betting man - and ever since I lost parts of my inner ear to a German bookmaker over a game of Pin the Tail on the Bratwurst, I most certainly am not - I'd put my money on getting to know Abraham, Eugene and Rosita and little better.

And it also means we'll get more eloquent dialogue, like this:


Whose backstory do you most want to explore?


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