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After cheering on Ian Somerhalder's tentative new romance with Nikki Reed, most of us have forgotten how upset Nina Dobrev is likely to be about her ex gallivanting around with her close friend.

I'm not saying that Dobrev isn't totally over Ian, but knowing that someone who you count as a close friend has been dating without telling you anything about it could be a blow... Especially seeing as she used to double date with Nikki Reed when her and Ian were still an item.

Dobrev's normally upbeat Instagram account also seems to be suggesting that she might be feeling a bit down in the dumps recently... Especially if the poem below is directed toward Ian.

Check it out for yourself below;

Ouch, it seems like poor Nina might actually be really hurting.

Even if this poem wasn't directly intended for Ian, it definitely shows that Dobrev isn't feeling like her normal upbeat self at the moment.

I just hope everything will be okay on set, we don't want any awkwardness ruining [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) season 6 for us do we?!


Do you think Nina was thinking about Ian when she uploaded this poem?

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